We Aren’t Not Separate

We Aren’t Not Separate

December 7, 2016

The Other day I stopped at a gas station to get something to drink and there was a homeless man digging through the trash can. As I got out of the Car I just stood towards him, projecting love at him, and In the moment he felt it.  He started to sing so beautifully. He looked up and quickly looked back down. I went into the store and got him something to drink. Normally when I feel the homeless I stay in my car and pass it through the window. I realised in that moment that I was still keeping myself separate, yet I know separation is the root of all evil. I check in with myself as I got close to the door. “Do I drive over to find, do I feel unsafe?” The answer I got was no, because we are not separate, he is just simply a reflection of another aspect of me. As I walked out I noticed he wasn’t singing like before. I said to him if he would like a drink and snack, he said yes but quickly put his head back down. As I handed him the drink he said, “Oh thank your Royal goddess, and started to cry so hard and In that moment he flooded with me with All these memories.


Author: kendradivinepurpose

I love and live freely, I am hard working,  when I'm passionate about what I'm doing. I never sell myself short in meaningless dead end jobs because I don't believe any amount of money is worth not loving my life! I think everyday should be celebrated as if it is a holiday and that to me is more important than "keeping my nose to the grindstone." I feel that keeping my individuality is more important than living up to other people's expectations, and I have no problem letting others know this. I'm a genuine person, I have empathy for all and love to help people see a new perspective to the beauty life can bring when you change your focus. I love music and I especially love to dance. I think people are the healthiest and happiest when they make passion a priority. I think the world we live in has grown cold and hard so I do everything I can to help shift that aspect. It saddened me to see suffering, because it doesn't have to be this way. On the other side of pain comes knowledge and expansion. I found beauty in my own pain when I learned that nothing is painful for no reason because we didn't come here to suffer. It's painful when there's something to be learned so I can get excited and look for all the clues and find the deeper meaning to the experience of pain vs the feeling of pain itself. By learning how to use that knowledge brings peace and harmony to the collective consciousness. I don't believe  in worrying in a world that's governed by law of attraction, worry only draws what is unwanted INTO your reality. So instead I chose to focus on what I can create instead of worry about what I can not change.  Life without worry, Is Happiness! 

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