Message For Empaths

Message For Empaths

December 5, 2016



Raise your frequency and the frequency of those around by introducing a new vibration of Joy, Love, Passion, Purpose,instead of sinking into the pain of others. I’m sharing my experience with what I personally do anytime I feel a stuck or uncomfortable frequency around me. 
 I recently relocated from Phoenix, Arizona to Utah for work and to follow my spiritual purpose. Everything that led me to this move was filled with joy and clear cut signs, that were apparent to everyone in my environment. I hadn’t really thought about The details of how everything would fall into place, I just knew that it would.
  The energy in Provo Utah is stuck in silent suppression. Gum on the bottom of your shoe, stuck to the floor, kind of feeling. It is nearly debilitating to walk into. I had just drove all night from Phoenix Az, when it first hit me. I was so excited to start my journey. 
I understand what this vibration brings, in forms of desires. After a few days of this vibration, I really started to question why the hell I moved here so I spent yesterday going into my own resistance into the stuckness within me.  Then I decided to do something about it, so introduced a new vibration to the neighborhood. 
 If you are an empath getting sucked into the pain of others and are having trouble holding a high frequency with a large crowd and you find yourself hiding away in your house feeling the need to protect yourself anytime you contact the outside world then you are missing the point of having these empathic gifts. By introducing and emitting a higher frequency you naturally raise the lower ones around you. Kinda like putting your hand in a still pound. The water ripples around your hand, and even if you leave your hand still, the water can’t push itself away from your hand to make it “you vs the water.”   If you move it flows with you, It has no ability to stop your hand from introducing a vibrating when you touch it. Now just visualize your energy and the water ripples around you. If you focuse on projecting the vibrational improvement you won’t sink into the  pain around you. Instead of adding to the level of universal suffering by sinking into the pain around, you can introduce the solution to the pain all around you.


Author: kendradivinepurpose

I love and live freely, I am hard working,  when I'm passionate about what I'm doing. I never sell myself short in meaningless dead end jobs because I don't believe any amount of money is worth not loving my life! I think everyday should be celebrated as if it is a holiday and that to me is more important than "keeping my nose to the grindstone." I feel that keeping my individuality is more important than living up to other people's expectations, and I have no problem letting others know this. I'm a genuine person, I have empathy for all and love to help people see a new perspective to the beauty life can bring when you change your focus. I love music and I especially love to dance. I think people are the healthiest and happiest when they make passion a priority. I think the world we live in has grown cold and hard so I do everything I can to help shift that aspect. It saddened me to see suffering, because it doesn't have to be this way. On the other side of pain comes knowledge and expansion. I found beauty in my own pain when I learned that nothing is painful for no reason because we didn't come here to suffer. It's painful when there's something to be learned so I can get excited and look for all the clues and find the deeper meaning to the experience of pain vs the feeling of pain itself. By learning how to use that knowledge brings peace and harmony to the collective consciousness. I don't believe  in worrying in a world that's governed by law of attraction, worry only draws what is unwanted INTO your reality. So instead I chose to focus on what I can create instead of worry about what I can not change.  Life without worry, Is Happiness! 

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