Experiencing Your Thoughts

Experiencing your thoughts. All that we have in the now are the feelings. Feeling are state of consciousness were you are perceiving. The conscious mind relates, ego interprets the meaning to those feelings. Emotions are limited to the physical dimensions. Feed back system to the body. Physiological reactions to your thoughts create your feelings. Feelings are what you have made your thoughts mean.
What does sadness feel like in my body? Sadness is created when we make a situation mean something painful. Pain is what everyone on the planet is looking to avoid. Why though have we made so many thoughts mean pain? Why do we see change and have anxiety instead of excitement? Isn’t it a cop out to say because humans are creatures of habit therefore change is expected to be feared?  Yet the only constant thing in human existence is change. Therefore this state of mind is clearly a trick we as a collective consciousness have bought into. Your brain isn’t defective so stop running away from your feelings and fully go into the emotions. Your body doesn’t want you to suffer. When you suppress and cope with triggers you build a wall in the way of your road to expansion. They  lied when they told you not to trust your internal guidance system. Triggers are calling your attention back to a part of you, that got left behind in a state of trauma. Your body is trying to heal and integrate your fractures, listen to it. Pain = Pay Attention  Integrate Now.

Drop into that feeling until the new sensation is left in a more positive sensation. When you feel strong negative emotion you surrender into it. Lean all the way in and be unconditionally present with your pain. Do you leave a friend in a moment of Crisis? No, then why do you keep abandoning yourself when you are in crisis? What does your pain feel like?What does it look like? Follow each sensation as it shifts. When your ego pulls you back into the story of your belief systems, bring yourself back.
What have you been experiencing?
Pay attention to your body.  Feel what that feel like to your body. Observe it and be with it until it shifts.

Why does a river run one way, not another? Can it be coaxed into changing course? A deviation may be attainable but diversion is a very different to reversal. Some processes are natural and intrinsically right. Why do we waste time and effort if we rail against them. Even when the cosmos force us to face the facts that are hard to accept, we still must find a way to accept them. As frustrating as this may be, it can also be the source of amazing blessing. Be wise enough today, to work with what you cannot stand against!


Author: kendradivinepurpose

I love and live freely, I am hard working,  when I'm passionate about what I'm doing. I never sell myself short in meaningless dead end jobs because I don't believe any amount of money is worth not loving my life! I think everyday should be celebrated as if it is a holiday and that to me is more important than "keeping my nose to the grindstone." I feel that keeping my individuality is more important than living up to other people's expectations, and I have no problem letting others know this. I'm a genuine person, I have empathy for all and love to help people see a new perspective to the beauty life can bring when you change your focus. I love music and I especially love to dance. I think people are the healthiest and happiest when they make passion a priority. I think the world we live in has grown cold and hard so I do everything I can to help shift that aspect. It saddened me to see suffering, because it doesn't have to be this way. On the other side of pain comes knowledge and expansion. I found beauty in my own pain when I learned that nothing is painful for no reason because we didn't come here to suffer. It's painful when there's something to be learned so I can get excited and look for all the clues and find the deeper meaning to the experience of pain vs the feeling of pain itself. By learning how to use that knowledge brings peace and harmony to the collective consciousness. I don't believe  in worrying in a world that's governed by law of attraction, worry only draws what is unwanted INTO your reality. So instead I chose to focus on what I can create instead of worry about what I can not change.  Life without worry, Is Happiness! 

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